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Clean Air has been trusted and loved by Australians since 1973. With a range of seven fragrances there is a scent that everyone will love. Try them all and find your homes signature scent today.  

Clean Air is a concentrated disinfectant and deodoriser that eliminates household odours at the source and our fragrances linger in your home after each use. 

Our product has been scientifically designed to clean the air by reducing the amount of foreign particles present.

Our specially designed cap allows Clean Air to be used in a wall dispenser or by hand.


Clean Air is currently available in the following fragrances:

  • Lilac Mist / Florel

  • Alpine / Mountain Air

  • Australian Wildflower

  • Frangipani & Aloe Vera

  • Bitter Orange & Freesia

  • Lavender & Vanilla (NEW)

  • Country Garden (325 gram only) 

Clean Air - Alpine - 125g.jpg
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